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    This is the guy behind the guy behind the handle that of Jabberwockyix which was a handle that beget the handle Ajester which beget the handle Exodus which beget a number of handles which would link me to every chat room on mIRC back when I was 12 years old. Anyway, I'm just saying hi. I don't have regular internet access so I'm never online, but seeing as I successfully burned bridges with everyone I ever knew online from a few years ago, I'd figure I'd make a futile attempt to say hi to folks around before I go back to tormenting myself with the process of learning.

    I'm not going to become a regular poster as my work load has reached insurmountable levels, but seeing as I am recovering from a jack daniels sterilization from the flu session, I suddenly had a bout of nostalgia. Whenever I was drunk and lonely I used to go to the forums.

    Anyway, just letting you know they haven't killed me yet.

    You were always an interesting character, Nova. I won't lie, I don't remember anything about your personal life or anything of the actual details we may have exchanged, I just remember we had some pretty fun text based interactions. May aging never slow you down!

    My memory is crap, but my logic is still good :D Take care. Thanks for being my friend during those times when I had no friends within a 5 mile radius and all I had was a p.o.s. computer and an internet connection.


    p.s. still raising your Husky army?


    Reply from NOVAMONDAY:

    im not on ezboard/yuku anymore but i'm glad to see you and hope you are well. i can be found at: or also on twitter as minihuskies or on facebook as bree may.
    what have you been up to?

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I have seen miracle after miracle happen in my life with my children, my husband, & with others. I do not doubt for an instant that God is working in my life & theirs.

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helping others